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Voice of Jewish Russia is a musical montage reflecting the many diverse aspects of Russian Jewish life during the past two centuries. The selections are drawn from the sacred and secular musical realms: cantorial and synagogue choral literature, Yiddish song, and tunes of Russian and Ukrainian Hassidim. This legacy constitutes one of the most enduring musical contributions of any Jewish community in the Diaspora.

Content List

Collage: D'veykus / God Save The Tsar / Internatzionale / Nyet Nyet Nikavo by Neil Levin Emes Ve-emuno by Ben Zion Miller (Zeidel Rovner) Mechorati by Vivienne Bellos
Rochel M'vako Al Boneno by Joseph Malovany (David Roitman) Min Hametsar by Alberto Mizrahi (Abraham Dunayevsky) Rozo D'shabbos by Ben Zion Miller (Pierre Pinchik)
A Gleyzele Yash by Robert Abelson & Vivienne Bellos (Vladimir Shainsky) El Melech Yoshev by Joseph Malovany (Zavel Zilberts) Duda by Ben Zion Miller (Solomon Postolsky)
Lishmo-a El Horino by Alberto Mizrahi (Joshua Abrass) Ono Tovo by Alberto Mizrahi (David Nowakowsky) Letitse Golubi by Alyth Choral Society (Isaac Dunayevsky)
Uv'yom Simchashchem by Alberto Mizrahi & Robert Abelson (Joshua Abrass) Mi Vas Padzhdz'om by Alyth Choral Society (E. Kalmonovsky) Mi Idzom Shirokimi Pal'ami by Neil Levin (M. Davidov/A. Florov)
Yidn Zingen "Ani Maamin" by Robert Abelson (Lazar Weiner, arr.) Finale by Neil Levin (Neil Levin, arr.)

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