The Best Of Jewish Folksongs [eBook]


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A broad based collection of popular Jewish songs with beautiful piano accompaniments collected by Velvel Pasternak, publisher and editor of Tara Publications.

Selections include: Songs of Israel-old and new, Sephardic Folksongs, Favorite Yiddish Songs, Holiday Songs and Selections from the Liturgy.

Content List

Al Kol Ele Hafinjan Mashi'ach
Amen Shem Nora Haleluyah Mommele
Ani Purim Hapalmach Nitsane Shalom
Avadim Hayinu Hatikvah Nolad'ti L'shalom
Avinu Malkenu Hava Nagila Ocho Kandelikas
Ba'a M'nucha Hine Ma Tov Od Yishama
Bashana Haba'a Hora Oifn Pripitchok
Bilvavi Ich Hob Dich Tsu Fil Lieb Ole, Ole
Chad Gadya Jerusalem is Mine Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
Dayenu Jerusalem of Gold Shalom Alechem
Eli Ata Kachol Yam Hamayim Shalom Rav
Eli Eliyahu Kum V'hithalech Ba'aretz Techezakna
Eli Shelo Yigamer L'olam L'cha Dodi Tsiyon Tamati
Eli, Eli Laila, Laila V'haer Enenu
En Adir Laner V'livsamim Y'rushalayim
En Kelohenu Ma Navu Y'varech'cha
Erev Shel Shoshanim Ma Nishtana Yiddishe Momme
Esa Enai Ma'oz Tsur Yiddishe Momme

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