The Shlomo Carlebach Anthology

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Compiled, edited and arranged by Velvel Pasternak

Long out of print, The Carlebach Anthology features all of Shlomo’s famous songs that have appeared in print— in one comprehensive volume. Shlomo’s songs are beloved in all Jewish denominations and sung in Jewish communities world wide.

Content List

Achat Sha’alti Ana Hashem Barchi Nafshi
Bo’i V’shalom Chemdat Hayamim En Kelohenu
Esa Enai Hanshama Lach Harachaman
Hashem Melech Hashmi’ini Heharim Rakdu
Ki Va Mo’ed L’ma'an Achai L’shana Haba’a
Luley Toratcha Mimkomo Mizmor Shir
Od Yishama Pitchu Li Shifchi Kamayim
Shomrim Hafked Tov L’hodot Uvau Ha’ovdim
Uvne Y’rushalayim V’haer Enenu V’shavu Vanim
Yachad Yisrael B’tach Bashem & 105 more