The Passover Anthology - Music For The Seder and CD

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Music Book + CD.

JUST PUBLISHED! Traditional melodies for the Seder and Festival culled from 5 Tara editions:The World 's Most Popular Passover Songs, Passover Seder Melodies, Passover Seder Music, Hallel, A Harvest of Jewish Songs. I Includes texts, transliterations, translations, Chords, Piano accompaniment and Instrumental Arrangements.

By Velvel Pasternak.

Content List

Go Down Moses   Avadim Hayinu   Ma Nishtana
Dayenu   V'hi She'amda   Adir Hu
Echad Mi Yode'a   Ballad of the Four Sons   L'shana Haba'a
A Snow White Kid   Chad Gadya   Eliyahu Hanavi
Mo Asapro   and more...