The Mordechai Gebirtig Songbook [eBook]


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Mordechai Gebirtig is the acknowledged poet-composer of Polish Jewry. Among the music treasures of every nation can be found melodies which during the lifetime of their composer were considered to be folk songs. While exemplifying the soul of the composer, they may also mirror the feelings and travails of an entire people. This can truly be said of Gebirtig. Songs such as: Reyzele, Hulyet Kinderlekh, Kinder Yorn, Moyshele Mayn Fraynd, S'brent etc., capture the spirit and pathos of Jewish life in pre-war Poland.

Fifty four selections with melody line, chords and complete verse transliteration and capsule translations.

Content List

A Malakh Vert Geboyrn Hulyet Kinderlekh Moyshele Mayn Fraynd
An Arbetlozer Hungerik Dayn Ketsele Narisher Brio
Arbetlozer Marsh Ikh Hob Dikh Lib Nokh A Glezele Tey
Avremele Un Yosele Kartofl Zup Mit Shvamen Oreme Shnayderlekh
Avreml Der Marvikher Kh'vil Nisht Aza Khosn Oy Briderl Lekhayim
Azelkhe Zvey Goldene Tsep Khalutsim Libe Oy Mamenyu
Baym Taykhele Khanale Un Nokhum Reyzele
Blumke Mayn Zhiduvke Kinder Yorn S'brent
Der Zinger Fun Noyt Kivele S'iz Gut
Di Gefalene Kleyner Yosem Shlof Shoyn Mayn Kind
Di Lyalke Krigs Invalid Shloymele Liber
Di Zun Iz Fargangen Kum Laybke Tantsn Shoyn Shtil Iz In Gesl
Dos Alte Por Folk Mamenyu An Eytse Trili, Trili
Dos Lidl Fun Goldenem Land Mayn Heym Undzer Orem Kind
Dray Tekhterlekh Mayn Tate Ver Der Ershter Vet Lakhn
Farvos Veynstu Sheyndele Mayn Yovl Yankele
Farvos Zog Mir Mamenyu Minutn Fun Bitokhn Zog Mir Levone
Hey Klezmorim Motele Di Nakht On Tsu Shvebn
Hey Tsigelekh Moyshele

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