The Golden Age of Cantors book

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Compiled, Edited & Arranged by Velvel Pasternak

264 pages $24.95

The GOLDEN Age of Cantors book

26 cantors each represented by an acclaimed recitative, meticulously transcribed, introduction and historical overview, biographical sketches and stylistic analysis, cantorial photos and memorabilia. Israel Alter

Compositions by:

01. Berele Chagy
02. Leib Glantz
03. Mordechai Hershman
04. Ben Zion Kapov- Kagan
05. Alter Yechiel Karniol
06. Adolph Katchko
07. David Koussevitsky
08. Moshe Koussevitsky
09. Zavel Kwartin
10. Samuel Malavsky
11. Shlomo Mandel
12. Yeshaya Meisels
13. Moshe Oysher
14. Pierre Pinchick
15. Jacob Rapaport
16. David Roitman
17. Yossele Rosenblatt
18. Aryeh Leib Rutman
19. Boruch Schorr
20. Dovid Moshe Steinberg
21. Moshe Steinberg
22. Leibele Waldman
23. Efrayim Shlepak
24. Joseph Shlisky
25. Gershon Sirota
26. Samuel Vigoda