T'filah Choir [eBook]


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A companion to T'filah Band I eBook & T'filah Band II eBook.

31 popular tunes for volunteer choirs in easy two part arrangements. Sing with the band arrangements from the bestselling T'filah Band Books. The choir arrangements were carefully prepared for repeated use and maximum convenience. They were arranged with volunteer or youth choirs in mind to provide the singers (and their leaders) with easy to sight-read music that is simultaneously challenging and familiar.

Purchasers have the right to make photocopies within the walls of their institution.

Content List

Adon Olam (French Sephardic) Lcha Dodi (Traditional) Shalom Aleichem (I. Goldfarb)
Adonai Li (Benson/Rossoff) Lchu Nranna (R. Sirotkin) Shalom Aleichem (S. Brazil)
Ahavat Olam (E. Mandell) Mi Chamocha (R. Silverman) Shalom Rav (J. Klepper/D.Freelander)
Al Shlosha Dvarim (C. Tzur) Mizmor Shir Lyom Hashabbat (Folktune) Vhaeir Eineinu (S. Carlebach)
Barchu (B. Siegel) Nigun (Chabad) Vshamru (M. Rothblum)
Ein Keloheinu (S. Carlebach) Non Komo Muestro (Folktune) Vshamru (S. Zim)
Eitz Chayim Hi (T. Portnoy) Oseh Shalom (N.Hirsh) Ydid Nefesh (S & E. Zweig)
Hallu (Sufi) Rommu (M.Twerski) Yismch (Melitzer Rebbe)
Hinei Ma Tov (Folktune) Shma (Z. Pik) Yismchu (Folktune)
Lcha Dodi (Folktune) Shabbos Zol Zain (Folktune)

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