Songs Never Silenced [eBook + MP3]


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Downloadable eBook with companion MP3 audio.

24 selections by outstanding artists in an extended play CD.

Both religious and secular songs were not silenced in the ghettos and death camps during the Holocaust. They kept their freshness, their power, their comfort and often their surprising humor, during the worst and deadliest moments. In the ditches, in the bunkers, in the sewer pipes, on the thresholds of the gas chambers, Jews searched for strength in prayer and song.

Content List

01. Friling-Maria Krupoves 09. Yugnt Hymn-Paul Zim 17. Itzik Vitenberg-Shimon Israeli
02. A Yiddish Kind-Paul Zim 10. Shtil Di Nacht Iz Oysgeshternt 18. Shtiller, Shtiller-Chava Alberstein
03. Fun Der Arbet-Adrienne Cooper 11. Nisht Kain Rozhinkes 19. Zol Shoyn Gumen Di G'ulo-Zamir Chorale (Boston)
04. Tsu Eyns Tzvey Dray-Israeli Choir 12. Yisrolik-Maria Krupoves 20. Vi Ahin Zol Ich Geyn-The Barry Sisters
05. Ich Benk Aheym-Nama Hendel 13. Farvos Iz Der Himmel-Israeli Choir 21. Minutn Fun Bitochn-Shura Lipovsky
06. S'brent-Leipzig Synagogal Choir 14. Mach Tzu Di Eygelech-Paul Zim 22. Mazl/On A Heym-Adrienne Cooper
07. Unter Dayne Vayse Shtern-Leon Lissek 15. Yid Du Partizaner-Adrienne Cooper 23. A Zumer Tog-Michael Alpert
08. Rivkele Di Shabbesdike-Sarah Gorby 16. Dremlyn Feygl-Maria Krupoves 24. Medley Am Yisroel Chay

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