Singing in Yiddish [eBook]


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Sing in Yiddish with authentic pronunciation and word-for-word understanding. The complete text of 67 of the most popular folk and theater songs are given in standard transliteration and additional phonetic aids. The translations are designed to give complete knowledge of the song texts needed for sincere artistic interpretation. This book will enable singers to add favorite Yiddish songs to their repertoire.

96 Pages Softcover, ISBN 0-933676-08-5

Content List

A Brif Tsum Liader Rebn   Dire-Gelt   Oyfn Pripetshik
A Brivele Der Mamen   Du Meydele Du Sheyns   Papir Iz Dokh Vays
A Din Toyre Mit Got   Eyli Eyli   Papirosn
A Dudele   Gey Ikh Mir Shpatsirn   Partizaner Lid (Shtil, Di Nakht)
A Khazndl Oyf Shabes   Glik   Reb Dovidl
A Pastekhl   Her Nor, Du Sheyn Meydele   Reyzele
A Zemer   Hulyet,Hulyet,Kinderlekh   Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
Af Bri   In Kheyder   Rumenye, Rumenye
Akhtsik Er Un Zibetsik Zi   Kinder Yorn   S'dremlen Feygl Oyf Di Tsvaygn
Amol Iz Geven A Mayse   Lomir Ale Zingen   Sha, Shtil
Beygelekh   Lomir Zikh Iberbetn   Sheyn Vi Di Levone
Book/Song Index   Margaritkelekh   Shlof, Mayn Kind, Shlof Keseyder
Bulbes (Zuntik, Bulbes)   May Ko Mashma-Lon   Shterndl
Dem Milners Trern   Mayn Rue-Plats   Song Books And Albums
Der Filosof   Mayn Yidishe Meydele   Tankhum
Di Alte Kashe   Mekhuteneste Mayne   Tif In Veldele
Di Ban (Dos Lid Fun Ayznban)   Meyerke, Mayn Zun   Tum-Balalayke
Di Gilderne Pave   Mikitka   Undzer Dem Kinds Vigele
Di Grine Kuzine   Moyshele,Mayn Fraynd   Undzer Nigndl
Di Mame Iz Gegangen   Oy Mame, Bin Ikh Farlibt   Yankele
Di Mekhotonim Geyen   Oy, Dortn,Dortn   Yome,Yome
Di Mizinke Oysgegebn   Oyfn Oyvn Zitst A Meydl   Zog Nit Keynmol


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