Siddur Melodies - full CD as zipped MP3 for download


One Compact Disc as zipped MP3 for download

In this companion cassette to the Siddur in song book, Pasternak sings 32 prayer book melodies for Weekday, Sabbath, and Festival services. Catchy, singable and easy to learn!

Content List

Achat Sha'alti Hodu Odcha
Adon Olam Horeni Hashem Sh'ma Yisrael
Al Hanisim K'vodo Shabchi
Ana Avda L'cha Dodi Shomer Yisrael
Barchenu L'dor Vador Torah Tsiva Lanu
Barchenu M'Chalkel Chayim Tsadik Katamar
Barchu Ma Tovu V'Shamru
Elecha Mi Sheasa Nisim Y'hi Ratson
Etz Chaim Hi Mimkomo Yigdal
Hine Ma Tov Mode Ani Yismach Moshe
Hodo Al Erets Na'aritscha

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