Shabbat Anthology [eBook]


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By Velvel Pasternak.

A broad based one volume edition of songs for the entire Shabbat celebration, culled from Tara Publication's noted editions: Siddur in Song, Shabbat in Song, A Musical Shabbat Siddur, The World's Most Popular Shabbat Songs, A Harvest of Jewish Songs, Jewish Holidays in Song.

Selections Include:
Candle Blessing
Y'did Nefesh
Shabbat Hamalka
Ten Shabbat
L'cha Dodi
Shalom Alechem
Ya Ribon
Eliyahu Hanavi
Y'did Nefesh
L'chu N'ran'na
Mizmor L'david
Tsadik Katamar
Shalom Rav
Adon Olam
Eshet Chayil
V'taher Libenu
V'ha'er Enenu
Sim Shalom
Etz Chayim
En Kelohenu
Grace After Meals
Plus 60 more

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