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A Collection of Hauntingly beautiful Sephardic Liturgical songs and Ladino ballads, many never before in print. Selections from: Holland, Italy, Spain, Iraq, Turkey, Morocco and Greece. Includes essays on aspects of Sephardic Music, Sephardic religious practices, transliteration guide and guidelines for Landino pronunciation. Melody line, chords and texts. Fully transliterated and translated.

Content List

A La Una Yo Naci En Ke Etohenu Pitchu Li sha'are Tzedek
Adio Querida Halelu Et Adonai Quen Supiese
Adon Olam I Hi Tora Lanu Nitana Scalerica De Oro
Adon Olam II Hija Mia El Adon Shalom Leben Dodi
Amen Shem Nora Igdal Shuvu La Torah
Arovlicos D'almendra Ki Eshmera Shabbat Si La Mar Erd De Teche
Arvoles Horan Por Luvia La Ner Ve LiB'samim Siniza I Fumo
Avre Esze Adojour La Vida Do Por El Raki Una Mazica De Ruda
Barukh Haba Lekha Dodi Una Tarde De Verano
Be Tzez Israel Los Bilbilicos Yah Ribon Alam
Como La Rosa En La Guerza Mizmor Le David Ye'idun Yagidun
Coplas De Purim Ocho Kandelikas Yodukha Rayonai
Cuando El Rey Nimrod Odekah Ki Anizani Yom Ze TeIsrael
Emunim Irkhu Shedah Oieciocho Anos Zengo
En El Cape Del Amanecer Pezakh Lanu Sha'ar

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