Proverbs In Song [eBook + MP3]


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Downloadable eBook with companion MP3 audio.

16 delightful melodies including chords, texts, transliterations and translations.

The Hebrew sages used to teach the Torah with tunes in order to enable the student to more easily remember the words of the scriptures. This is the underlying concept of Proverbs in Song.

A full recording of all melodies performed by soloist, choir and orchestra is included.

Content List

01. Sh’ma B’ni 06. Hadar 11. Al Shlosha D’varim
02. Yagati, Matsati 07. Kol Harodef Achar Kavod 12. Et Lifrotz
03. Tafast M’ruba 08. Lo Hamidrash 13. Talmide Chachamim
04. Y’hi Ch’vod 09. Ezehu Chacham 14. Sh’lach Lachm’cha
05. Al Tomar 10. Hazor’im B’dima 15. Lo M’komo

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