New Year In Song - full CD as zipped MP3 for download


One Compact Disc as zipped MP3 for download

High Holiday melodies in two part arrangements. Includes traditional and modern melodies. Selections for the Evening, Morning and Kol Nidrei services. Companion book is available. Melody line, chords, texts, transliterations and translations.

Content List

Shomer Yisrael Barchu Ki Hem Chayenu
Mi Chamocha Tiku Kaddish
Adon Olam Zochrenu L'chayim Mi Chamocha
B'sefer Chayim Kaddish Uvashofar Gadol
Alenu V'taher Libenu V'karev P'zurenu
Shehecheyanu Ashamnu Ki Anu Amecha

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