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Judaism has been enriched for more than 100 years by the prolific melodic output of the Rabbis of Modzitz. This collection is a reflection, only in part, of the prodigious number of melodies that poured forth from the three composing Rabbis of Modzitz. Most of these melodies, created as nigunim (songs without words), have been attached to the liturgical texts of the Sabbath, Festivals and High Holidays. Many have been left in their original state as nigunim.

Together they afford us the opportunity of discovering a magnificent body of religious song that will continue to enhance the repertoire of Jewish music.

Content List

High Holidays Nigun 1-19 Chai Hashem
Areshes S'fosenu Shoshanas yaakov El Odon
Areshes S'fosenu II The Festivals Eshes Chayil
Chamol Al Ma'asecho Ato V'chartonu Kadshenu
En Kitzvo B'tses Yisroel Kakosuv
Hayom T'amtsenu B'tses Yisroel II Ki V'simcho
Kaddish B'tses Yisroel III Lo Sevoshi
Ki Onu Amecho Bigdal Ovos Mizmor L'dovid
Simcho L'artsecho Hama'avir Bonov Mizmor L'dovid II
Simcho L'artsecho II Hiskabtsu Malochim Omar Hashem L'ya'akov
Tiskabel Hodu Prok Yas Onoch
Uvashofor Godol Od'cho Sh'ma Yisroel
V'al Kulom Pischu Li Shir Hama'alos
Zochrenu L'chayim Sisu V'simchu Shir Hama'alos II
Songs of Joy Sisu V'simchu II V'yiten L'cho
Ashrenu V'korev P'zurenu Y'vorech'cho
B'ne Vescho V'somachto B'chagecho Yism'chu V'malchuscho
Boruch Elokenu Vahavienu Yism'chu V'malchuscho II
Boruch Hu Elokenu Vhi She'omdo Yismach Moshe
First Opera Z'Miros & Shabbos Liturgy
M'hero Yishoma Askinu S'udoso

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