The Klezmer Band Folio C

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Music Book.

12 authentic Klezmer arrangements for full band meticulously transcribed from the repertoire of the Yale Klezmer Band. Scored for any C instrument, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass etc. with guitar chords.

Includes: Lebedik Un Freylekh, Khassene Tantz, Nokh A Glezele Vayn etc. For multiple copy pricing please call.

Content List

Araber Tanta Chevre Nisht Gezorgt Nokh a Glezele Vayn
Bay a Glezele Mashke Dovid Shpil es Nokh a Mohl Oriental Hora
Baym Rebn in Palestina Khassene Tantz Sid's Freylekh
Bolter Bulgar Lebedik Un Freylekh Tarras Doina
Chernowitzer bulgar Nakht in Gan Eden