Jewish Karaoke Sing-Along Play-Along (includes 2 companion CDs)

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Music Book + 2 CDs (previous title: Jewish Favorites Play-Along/Sing A-Long).

The ONLY Jewish Karaoke music. Listen to the instrumentals of some of the all-time popular Jewish hits for your enjoyment! With the additional tracks, you can also be the SOLOIST. 

Play the CD to hear the fully orchestrated tracks, and then a second music-minus-one cut allows you to sing or play the melody along with the bands. Sheet music, Chords and Lyrics for all selections are included.

Content List

Bashana Haba'a Hine Ma Tov Shein Vi Di Levone
Cuando El Rey Nimrod Jerusalem of Gold Siman Tov
Dayenu/David Melech Laner V'livsamim Tsena Tsena
Der Rebbe Elimelech Light One Candle Tumbalalaika
Dodi Li Ma'oz Tsur Un Az Der Rebbe Zingt
Donna Donna Mashi'ach Y'did Nefesh
Ele Chamda Libi Ocho Kandelikas Y'varech'cha
Erev Shel Shoshanim Oifn Pripitchik Yiddishe Momme
Hal'luya Ose Shalom Yism'chu Hashamayim
Hava Nagila Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen