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Celebrate the eternal city with this magnificent, deluxe bound, 192 page collection and a 70 minute companion CD performed by outstanding Israeli and American artists. JERUSALEM IN SONG is a broad-based collection of popular and enduring songs dedicated to the holy city. 96 selections including chords (some with piano accompaniment) Hebrew texts with vowels transliterations and translations.

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Content List

Al Chomotayich
Al Kapav Yavi
Im Eshkachech
Jerusalem of Gold
Kachol Yam Hamayim
Ki Mitsiyon
Kinor David
L’shana Haba’a
Sheyibane Bet Hamikdash
Shiro Shel Aba
Sisu Et Y’rushalayim
Uva’u Ha’ovdim
Uvney Y’rushalayim
V’lirushalayim Ircha
Yibane Hamikdash
+ 78 more

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