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Well-known Israeli standards are transformed with a dynamic world beat sound. The addition of chants and superimposed harmonies over multiple Middle Eastern rhythms result in an exhilarating multi-ethnic groove! The energetic and exotic join the beautiful and the meditative to produce an exciting collection that will connect you to the spirit, history and dream of Israel. This Album is a must have for anyone who loves Israel, world music or any music with a groove!

Content List

1. Eretz Zavat Chalav 2. Lo Yare'u 3. Natati Etz
4. Bareket 5. Vayiven Uziyahu 6. Shorashim
7. Am Echad 8. L'zaracha 9. Down in the Garden
10. Tsipor Shniya 11. Colors of Jerusalem 12. Lo Yare'u reprise

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