T'filah Band Volume 1 (includes companion CD)

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Music Book + CD.

Plug-&-Play instrumental arrangements of famous and familiar melodies! T'filah Band, 15 instant arrangements for any synagogue band by Jewish music expert Joel Eglash, is everything you need for your band in one book.

Features interchangable parts for any C/Bb/Eb/Bass Clef instruments, including a full score, lead sheets, parts and a bass line. INCLUDES RIGHT TO PHOTOCOPY! Music for all skill levels in a variety of styles from contemporary Jewish music to Klezmer.

Includes synthesized-playback CD and instructional text on using the arrangements and developing a successful T'filah Band.

Content List

Adon Olam (Sephardic Folk Tune) Eitz Chayim Hi (Portnoy) Shalom Aleichem (Brazil)
Ahavat Olam (Mandell) Hinei Mah Tov (Folk) Shalom Rav (Kol Bseder)
Al Shlosha D'varim (Tzur) L'cha Dodi (Ashkenazi Folk Tune) V'shamru (Rothblum)
Bar'chu (Siegel) Nigun (Lubavitcher Folk) Y'did Nefesh (Zweig)
Ein Keloheinu (Carlebach) Oseh Shalom (Hirsch) Yism'chu (Folk Tune)