Songs of the Gerer Hasidim

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Until he passed away in 1963, Reb Yankel Talmud was the Malchin L'bes Ger (the Composer to the Ger Hasidic court). Beginning with his early years in Poland, and continuing in Israel, Talmud formed and conducted kapelyes (male choir groups) that sang many of his 1100 compositions. A number of these melodies are still popular and have remained a permanent part of the Ger musical repertoire. Untrained musically, but possessing uncanny ability for composing new melodies. Reb Yankel created, dance melodies, marches, waltzes, hopkes and a variety of other tunes. His Lo Sevoshi is standard in many Orthodox synagogues world-wide.

Edited & Arr: by Velvel Pasternak.

Content List

Ani Ma’amin
Hiney Ma Tov
Ki Onu Amecho
L’cho Dodi
Lo Sevoshi
Omar Hashem L’Yaakov
V’hoer Enenu
Yism’chu B’malchuscho
+ 24 more