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2 Compact Disc Set as zipped MP3 for download

Kol b'isha (the prohibition of women singing for men) historically prevented synagogues from allowing a woman to serve as cantor. The artists featured on these discs were acknowledged for their cantorial ability and renditions of famous liturgical recitatives. However, they only performed on the concert stage and almost never as part of a religious service. Kol b'isha was side stepped in the later part of the 20th century by the Reform movement and women were officially enrolled in the School of Sacred Music. The Cantors Institute of the Jewish Theological Seminary followed shortly thereafter. These cantorial schools now regularly graduate as many women cantors as men. The five artists presented here were unique in their stunning performances of the cantorial music of The Golden Age of Hazzanut

Content List

Disc 1 - Bas Sheva 1925-1960 09. Tiher Rabbi Yishmoel 06. Oshamnu Mikol Om
01. Zore'a Ts'dokos 10. Anenu 07. Tiher Rabbi Yishmoel
02. Sheyibone Beys Hamikdosh 11. Eli Eli 08. Birchas Kohanim
03. Mi She'oso Nisim 12. Ov Horachamim 09. K'dusho
04. Habet Disc 2 - Fraydele Oysher 1913-2004 10. Uv'yom Simchaschem
05. Sim Sholom 01. Ribono Shel Olom 11. Akavyo
06. R'tsey 02. Sim Sholom Disc 2 - Sophie Kurzer
Disc 1 - Shaindele 1916-1981 Disc 2 - Perele Feig d. 197? 03. Kiddush
07. Rochel M'vako Al Boneho 04. V'hu Rachum
08. Mein Shtetele 05. Modim Anachnu Loch

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