The Best of Debbie Friedman

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The most popular songs of America's most famous Jewish female vocalist. Contains the best of Debbie Friedman's first five recordings. Includes: Im Tirzu, Aleph Bet, You Shall Love, V'shamru, L'dor Vador, Ani Ma'amin, Im En Ani Li, Dodi Li, Arise My Love, Sing Unto God, Not By Might, L'chi Lach and many more.
Melody line, chords, texts, transliterations and translations.

ISBN 0-933676-12-3, 80 Pg. S/C

Content List

Ahavat Olam Im Tirzu See Visions
Aleph Bet Kaddish Sh'ma--You Shall Love
And The Youth Shall See Visions Kaddish D'rabanan - Sing Unto G-D Sh'ma-V'ahavta
Ani Ma'amin Kumi Lach Shehecheyanu
Arise My Love L'cha Dodi Shir Hama'alot
B'ruchot Haba'ot L'chi Lach Sing Unto G-D
B'tzet Yisrael L'dor Vador Song Of Songs Wedding
Barchu Laugh At All My Dreams - Ani Ma Amin Songs In English
Dod Tzach V'adom Live At The Del V'erastich Li
Dodi Li Mi Chamocha V'shamru
Et Dodim Kala Morning Liturgy Wedding Vows
Etz Chayim Hi Not By Might Not By Power You'l Never Catch The Wind
Evening Liturgy Ose Shalom Youth Shall See Visions
If Not Now When? Priestly Blessing Youth Shall See Visions
Im En Ani Li S'u Sh'arim