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This remarkable first Lubavitch recording arranged and conducted by Velvel Pasternak, with a Lubavitcher Chassidic Chorus, was issued in 1960. Using the most modern sound techniques available, the music has been re-digitized, enhanced and re-mastered. All those who value the Chassidic nigun, in its most authentic form, will welcome this compact disc.

Content List

1 - Ovinu Malkenu (Our Father, Our King) 01:57 2 - Uforatzto (And You Shall Be Dispersed? 02:26 3 - Keili Atoh (My God, Only You) 03:51
4 - Mimitzrayim G'Altonu (From Egypt You Saved Us) 02:55 5 - Y'Min Hashem (The Right Hand Of God) 02:44 6 - Nigun Rikud (169) (Dance Melody) 02:45
7 - Tzomoh L'Cho Nafish (My Soul Longs For You) 04:29 8 - Nye Zhureitze Chloptzi 02:54 9 - Dark'Cho Elokeinu (Your Path, Our God) 02:24
10 - Nigun Rikud (209) (Dance Melody) 02:04 11 - Ki Onu Amecho (For We Are Your People) 03:25 12 - Vaharikosi Lochem B'Rocho (And I Will Sustain You With A Blessing) 02:22
13 - Ach Leilokim Domi Nafshi (Only To God My Soul Turns) 02:25 14 - Nigun SimcHoh 03:01 15 - Rachmano (Oh Merciful One) 03:43
16 - Ki V'SimcHo (For With Joy) 02:05  

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