18 Golden Age Cantors - 2 full CDs as zipped MP3 for download


2 Compact Disc Set as zipped MP3 for download

18 Golden Age Cantors - Masterpieces of the Synagogue - The 18 cantors and choirs featured on these discs were among the greatest representatives of the East European style of Chazanuth or cantorial art. Together, they form a musical legacy and historical testament to the era known as The Golden Age of Cantors.

A number of these selections were recorded during the early years of the 20th Century. Every effort, using the most modern equipment available, was used to re-digitize, de-click, enhance and remaster these discs from the original 78 and 33 RPM recordings.

Content List

Disc 1 07. Sim Sholom - David Roitman 04. Achenu Kol Bes Yisroel - Yossele Rosenblatt
01. Kol Nidre - Moshe Oysher 08. Uvnucho Yomar - Jan Peerce 05. R'tsey Vimnuchosenu - Josef Shlisky
02. Rozo D'shabbos - Pierre Pinchik 09. Achenu Kol Bes Yisroel - Moshe Ganchoff 06. V'al Y'dey - Moshe Koussevitzky
03. Ha'azino Elohim - Gershon Sirota Disc 2 07. V'al Y'dey - Zavel Kwartin
04. K'vakoras - Jacob Barkin 01. Heye Im Pifiyos - Jewish Ministers & Cantors Ensemble 08. V'al Y'dey - Sholom Katz
05. Akavyo - Mordecai Hershman 02. Uv'yom Simchaschem - Misha Alexandrovitch 09. Al Tiro - Leibele Waldman
06. Birchas Kohanim - David Koussevitzky 03. V'chol Ma'aminim - Berele Chagy

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