Festive Songs For Piano

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20 joyous selections arranged for intermediate piano by Sarah Feigin, a noted Israeli pianist and composer. After graduating from the Music academy in Riga Latvia, Ms. Feigin emigrated to Israel where she founded a conservatory for new immigrant teachers in Holon. Her arrangements are charming and accessible.

Content List

Ani Purim Dayenu Ma’oz Tsur
Ata Echad Eliyahu Hanavi Nitsane Shalom
Avadim Hayinu En Adir S’vivo
Avinu Malkenu Hatikva Simcha Raba
Bashana Haba’a Hine Ma Tov Ufaratsta
Chag Purim Letsan Katan Y’me Hachanuka
Chanuka Ma Nishtana