Yossele Rosenblatt Classic Cantorial Recitatives

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Yossele Rosenblatt dominated 20th century Hazzanuth (cantorial art). More than 73 years after his death, Yossele is still acknowledged as the master without peer. This newly published compilation of 30 recitatives was meticulously transcribed by the noted master cantor and teacher, Noah Schall.

Included also are nine Rosenblatt and Rosenblatt attributed selections with piano accompaniment.

Content List

Ad Heno Azorunu Rachamecho Misratse B'rachamim The Chassidic Kaddish
Elokai, N'shomo Shenosato Omar Rabi Elozor V'hu Rachum
L'kel Orech Din R'tse Asirosom V'lirusholayim Ircho etc.
M'kimi Me'ofor Dol etc. Tal Yaale V'yovo