The Z'mirot and Kumzitz Songbook with The Z'mirot Sing-Along CD [eBook + MP3]


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Downloadable eBook with companion MP3 audio.

The most useful sing-along package for Sabbath at home, in the synagogue, school, camp, or youth group! The Songbook, for use by the song leader, contains 112 Sabbath and liturgical pieces, including central parts of the Sabbath meal ritual. Full Hebrew texts, melody line, chords, and opening verse transliteration.

The Handbook, for use by the group, features the entire Sabbath meal ritual and Hebrew words with full transliteration to that and 86 songs appropriate to each meal, the close of Sabbath, and Saturday night singing.

The Sing-Along Recording will be enjoyed by all. Featuring 40 upbeat Shabbat Z'mirot sung by the dynamic Israeli duo, The Gilgalim. This set is a great way to learn the most popular Shabbat songs.

Content List

Achat Sha'alti II Kiddush Shir Hama'a lot
Achat Shal'ati Ko Amar Shirat Ha'asavim
Adir Hu Ko Amar Hashem Shomrei Yisrael
Adon Olam Kol B'rama Siman Tov
Al Hanisim Kol Ha'olam Kulo Sisu Et Y'rushalayim
Am Yisrael Chai L'cha Dodi Torat Hashem T'mima
Am Yisrael Chai II L'cha Dodi II Tov L'hodot
Ashira L'chu Vanim Tov L'hodot II
Ata Echad L'ma'an Achai Tsiyon
Baruch Elokenu L'ma'an Achai II Tsur Mishelo
Baruch Kel Elyon L'shana Haba'a Tsur Mishelo II
Bilvavi Laner V'livsamim Tsur Mishelo III
Birkat Hamazon Lev Tahor Ufaratsta
David Melech Lo Yisa Goy Ura Ch'vodi
Dror Yikra M'nucha V'simcha Ushavtem Mayim
Ele Chamda Libi M'nucha V'simcha II Uva'u Ha'ovdim
Eli, Eli Ma Tovu V'ha'er Enenu
Eliyahu Hanavi Ma Y'didut V'karev P'zurenu
Esa Enai Ma Y'didut II V'lirushalayim Ircha
Eshet Chayil Mashiach V'samachta B'chagecha
Eshet Chayil II Me'en Olam Haba V'shamru
Etz Chayim Hi Mi Pi El V'ten Banu
Hamalach Hago'el Mikimi Y'did Nefesh
Hamavdil Mitzva G'dola Y'did Nefesh II
Hashivenu Mizmor L'daviv Y'did Nefesh III
Hatikva Mode Ani Y'rushalayim Shel Zahav
Hine Anochi Od Yishama Y'varech'cha
Hine Ma Tov Od Yishama II Yasis Alayich
Hine Yamim Ba'im Or Zaru'a Yibane Hamikdash
Hoshi'a Et Amecha Ose Shalom Yism'chu Hashamayim
Im Eshkachech Pitchu Li Yisrael B'tach
Ivdu S'u Sh'arim Yom Shabaton
Ka Ribon Samchem Yom Ze L'yisrael
Ka Ribon II Samchenu Yom Ze L'yisrael II
Kel Hakoda'ot Sameach T'samach Yom Ze M'chubad
Ketsad M'rakdin Shalom Aleichem Yom Ze M'chubad II
Ki Eshm'ra Shabat Shalom Aleichem II
Ki Mitziyon Shimru Shabtotai


The best all around recording of Shabbat Melodies and Z'mirot! Perfect for anyone who wants to learn the traditional melodies or just enjoy the sweet sounds of Shabbat. Features 40 upbeat Shabbat Z'mirot sung by the dynamic Israeli duo, The Gilgalim.

Content List

Achat Sha'alti, Bilvavi L'ma'an Achai, Hineh Yamim, Ata Echad Shirat Ha'asabim
Dror Yikra, Baruch Elyon, Shimru Shab'totai Ma Yedidut, Me'en Olam Haba, Yah Ribon Yedid Nefesh
Eli Eli Menucha V'Simcha, Tzur Mishelo Yom Shabbaton, Ki Eshmera Shabbat, Yom Zeh Mechubad
Eliyahu Hanavi, Hamavdil, Laner V'livsamim Mizmor L'David Yom Zeh L'yisrael
Im Eshkachech Shalom Alechem
L'cha Dodi Shir Hama'alot

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