From the Song of Songs

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Compiled, Edited & Arranged by Velvel Pasternak

264 pages $21.95

Shir Hashirim - Velvel Pasternak

A collection of 37 hauntingly beautiful melodies set to texts found in the eight chapters of The Song of Songs. Includes: melody, chords, texts, translations and transliterations.


Shir Hashirim
Al Tiruni
Tz'i Lach
Dodi Li
Kol Dodi
K'shoshana Ben Hachochim
Im Lo Ted'i Lach
Iti Milvanon
Ana Halach Dodech
El Ginat Egoz
Ani L'dodi
Shuvi Hashulamit
Hayoshevet Baganim
Et Dodim Kala
& 23 more