Chabad Melodies - Songs Of The Lubavitcher Chassidim [eBook + MP3]


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Downloadable eBook with companion MP3 audio.

A collection of nigunim and liturgical songs sung by present day Lubavitcher Chassidim throughout the world. Newly transcribed, transliterated, translated and annotated, these songs represent the musical pulse of this large, international and influential Hassidic group. Companion MP3 has 16 songs.

Content List of Book

Al Achas ki v'simcho Sisu V'simchu
Al Hasela Hoch Kol Dodi Stav Ya Pitu
Anim Z'miros L'chatchilo Ariber T'ran'no S'fosai
Ashrenu Mimitzrayim The Rav's Nigun
Ato V'chartonu Napoleon's march Toroh Tzivo lonu
B'cho Hashem Nigun L'shabbos V'yom Tov Tzomo L'cho Nafshi
B'chu Botchu Avosenu Nigun Rikud Tzomo L'cho Nafshi No.2/39
Chassidic march Nigun Rosh Chodesh Kislev Tzomo L'cho Nafshi No.3
Chassidic March No 2 Nigun Simchu Uforatzto
Dark'cho Elokenu Nigun Yud Bes Tamuz Utzu Etzo
Ech Doo Noda B'y'hudo Uv'yom Simchaschem
Emosai ko'osi Mar Nugun Hisvadus V'chol karne R'shoim
Essen Est Zich Nye Zeritse Chloptsi V'elokim Malki Mikedem
Hal'lu Es Hashem Nyet Nyet Nykavo V'hi She'omdo
Harninu Goyim om Ani Chomo V'somachto B'chagecho
Higole no Omar Hashem l'ya'akov V'somachto B'chagecho
Hop Kozak Ovinu Malke'nu Va'anachnu Amecho
Hoshi'a Es Amecho Ovo Bigvuros Vaharikosi lochem B'rocho
Hu Elokenu Podo B'sholom Vayivchar B'dovid Avdo
K'mofes Prozos Teshev Y'min Hashem
keli Ato Rachamono Yifrach
Ki Elokim Yoshi'a Tziyon Reb Levik's Hakofo Nigun Zol Shoyn kumen Di G'ulo
Ki Onu Amecho Sheyibone Bes Hamikdash

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