A Treasury of Yiddish Song [eBook]


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Piano accompaniment - by Various arrangers

This is the first issue of a broad-based and definitive collection of popular Jewish and classic Yiddish Theater songs with piano accompaniment. Many of the great Jewish composers Abraham Goldfaden, Mark Warshawsky, Joseph Rumshinsky, Alexander Olshanetsky, Abe Ellstein, Mordechai Gebirtig, Sholom Secunda, are found in this collection.

Content List

A Chazendl Oif Shabbos   A Brivele Der Mamen   A Brief Tsum Liader Rebbn
A Din Toire Mit Got   A Dudele   A G’naïve
A Maisele Di Mezinke   A Pastuchl   A Yiddishe Mamme
A Zemer   Abi Gezunt   Achtsig Er un Zibetsik Zi
An Emese Eshes Chayil   Avremele Melamed   Az Moshiach Vet Kumen
Bai Mir Bistu Sheyn   Belz   Chazonim Oif Probe
Dem Milners Trern   Der Philosoph   Der Rebbe Elimelech
Der Rebbe Hot Gevolt   Der Yid Der Shmid   Di Alte Kashe
Di Chanuke Licht   Di Grine Kuzine   Donna Donna
Dos Elende Kind   Dos Pintele Yid   Dos Yidishe Lied
Dremlen Faigl   Eli, Eli   Freylich Zain
Friling   Ich Hob Dich Tsu Fil Lieb   In Cheider
Lomir Ale Zingen   Lomir Zich Iberbetn   Mach Tsu Di Eygelech
Mai Komashma Lon   Margaritkelach   Mayn Rue Platz
Mazel   Mein Yidishe Meidele   Meyerke Main Zun
Minutn Fun Bitochn   Mir Lebn Eybik   Mommele
Moshele Mayn Fraynd   Mu Asapro, Mu Adabro   Nit Keyn Rozhinkes
Oifn Pripitchik   Oy Mamme Bin Ich Farliebt   Papir Iz Doch Vays
Papirosen   Rachem   Reb Dovidl
Reyzele   Rivkele Di Shabbesdike   Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
Rumania, Rumania   Sha Sha Der Rebbe Geyt   Sha Shtil
Shabbos Yom Tov un Rosh Chodesh   Shein Vi Di Levone   Shlof Main Kind
Shlof Mein Kind   Shtiler, Shtiler   Tumbalalaika
Tzehn Brider   Unter Dem Kinds Vigele   Unzer Rebbenyu
Vaise Shtern   Vos Vet Zain Az Moshiach   Vu Ahin Zol Ich Gehn
Yankele   Yidl Mitn Fidl   Yisrolik
Yome, Yome   Zog Nit Keynmol   Zol Shoyn Kumen Di Ge’ulo
Zol Zain Shabbos        

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