Velvel Pasternak's Suggested List

Suggested List 2013 April 23 2013


1. The Essential Jewish Fake Book 
    242 sellections: Klezmer, Israeli, Yiddish, Hasidic, Sephardic, Shabbat, Holidays, Wedding, Dance & Nigun eBook | Book

2. The Ultimate Jewish Piano Book 
    Most Popular Songs For Voice And Piano With Chords And Texts eBook | Book

3. The International Jewish Song Book & MP3 
    Most popular songs of the Jewish repertoire with melody line, chords, transliterations, texts and translations. eBook + MP3 | Music Book + CD | Book

4. The Sephardic Music Anthology 
    From The Best Of The Judeo-spanish Tradition With Melody line Chords, Texts & transliterations eBook + MP3 | Music Book + CD | Compact Disc

5. The Jewish Fake Book 
    212 songs for every possible occasion, selected by Velvel Pasternak a leading authority on Jewish music.  Includes music for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, parties, and holidays. Klezmer, Wedding, Israeli, Dance,  Yiddish, Sephardic, Holidays and Hassidic music all in one volume! eBook | Music Book

Suggested List 2012 October 30 2012

The Jewish Fake Book
The Most Popular And Best Selling Jewish Music Book World-wide

The Ultimate Jewish Piano Book
Most Popular Songs For Voice And Piano With Chords And Texts

Hasidic Music An Annotated Overview
Velvel's Critically Acclaimed Publication. 
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hasidim And Their Music But Were Afraid To Ask!

The Sephardic Music Anthology
From The Best Of The Judeo-spanish Tradition With Chords And Texts

The Klezmer Violin CD
Yehoshua Rochman, An Acclaimed Jerusalem Artist Performing Jewish Folk Music At Its Finest

The Most Beautiful Jewish Songs CD
An Award Winning Israeli Young Women's Choir In A Repertoire Of Israeli, Hasidic And Yiddish Selections