Songs Never Silenced October 04 2012

The only collection of songs from the Holocaust and the Jewish Partisans, presently in print. During the bleakness of their internment the inmates of the concentration camps and the partisans in the forests, composed melodies and lyrics that were often sad,but also defiant, ironic and humorous. Many were parodies of existing Yiddish songs and these also have become classics in the Jewish repertoire.

Songs Never Silenced contains sheet music chords, lyrics, Yiddish texts and line for line transliterations and translations,  


I read the poems and listened to the songs with deep emotion. I hope that more people will feel the way I do...
Elie Wiesel 
Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities. 
Boston University. 

I thought that by now I had heard whatever there was to hear of the music that came out of the concentration camps, and I thought that by now I was emotionally inured to the whole subject, but this new book took hold of my neshama and would not let go.
Rabbi Jack Riemer 
Editor, of the World of the High Holidays. 

A magnificent treasury of the most recent sacred songs of the Jewish People. It is a new Book of Psalms and a Book of Lamentations combined." We are grateful to Velvel Pasternak for rescuing these songs from oblivion and for bringing them to a new generation. 
Emanuel Goldsmith
Professor of Jewish Studies, City University of N.Y.